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Photography by Lesa on Facebook


Hey Friends….it has been difficult lately trying to put stuff on this blog and on my facebook page as well.

So I would like to invite you on over to my Facebook page….Photography by Lesa for current photo shoots of families, couples, seniors, and brides.

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Beautiful Summer Bride

Mrs. Sheila Roche Linton….such a beautiful bride…..


IMG_5293 IMG_5284-2 IMG_5268 IMG_5244-2 IMG_5242 IMG_5241 IMG_5237 IMG_5194 IMG_5152 IMG_5134 IMG_5130 IMG_5128IMG_5152

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Recent Artwork

I LOVE adding quotes and scriptures to my photography…..to me it makes the photograph “come alive”.  I’ve had my camera out a good bit the month of June….here are a few of my projects so far…..

I made this for our Newspring Church in Greenwood SC

I made this for our Newspring Church in Greenwood SC

My son, Drew took this shot while duck hunting last fall....I added the scripture

My son, Drew took this shot while duck hunting last fall….I added the scripture

grace like an ocean C S LEWS your story scared best friend yellow fail row impossible Real Beauty you are the best Wander IMG_7053 - Copy I AM other Boats sailing

Recent photo shoot of a sweet couple

Recent photo shoot of a sweet couple

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Alex’s Bridals

My nephews new bride…..Mrs. Alexandra Kent Simpson.  Beautiful bride!







IMG_4631 IMG_4665 IMG_4669 IMG_4694-2 IMG_4707 IMG_4709 IMG_4726 IMG_4730 IMG_4737 IMG_4750-2 IMG_4752 IMG_4753-2 IMG_4780 IMG_4791-2 IMG_4838 IMG_4856

IMG_4782 IMG_4716 IMG_4681 IMG_4694IMG_4773IMG_4716

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Gavin & Meredith

IMG_5408 IMG_5425 IMG_5431 IMG_5471 IMG_5478 IMG_5480 IMG_5482 IMG_5489 IMG_5499 IMG_5508 IMG_5511 IMG_5515IMG_5410IMG_5416IMG_5420IMG_5442IMG_5454IMG_5455IMG_5469

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Sweet Gwendolyn Grayce

She’s here….three weeks early!! She is our April baby instead of our May baby and we (of course) think she is adorable and precious in every way! She has her Nana tightly wrapped around her finger for sure! I thought I couldn’t love another baby as much as I love my sweet boy, Rowan….but this has been proven wrong. My heart has stretched! Gwendolyn Grayce arrived April 30th at 7:33pm. She weighed 7lbs 7 oz and was 20 inches long. This time I got there in time and was able to witness the miracle of her birth! Gwen’s name is Welsh and means “blessed”.  I know I am blessed to have this precious little girl in my life….can’t wait to witness the wonders of the world all over again through her eyes!IMG_5662IMG_5668IMG_5684IMG_5691IMG_5698IMG_5703IMG_5706IMG_5716IMG_5726IMG_5730IMG_5731IMG_5734IMG_5737IMG_5748IMG_5749IMG_5756IMG_5761IMG_5763

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I had the awesome privilege to capture the many faces of the adorable Jax (Jackson) Young…whom I consider almost like my own grandson since I watched his daddy, Brayden, grow up over the years along with my kids. This lil guy is a heart stealer for sure, with his adorable smile and that one pearly white tooth….can’t get any cuter!!!